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Standard Facility of Water Flow Rate


This facility was designed based on the principle of dynamic gravimetric calibration, equipped with high-precision electronic balance to transfer the measuring value. All of the executions are automatically controlled by computer systems, working task tables can be set up by operators themselves, real time of whole process’s testing data can be recorded, and the flow characteristics of water meters be assessed according to the standard values. The facility is also equipped with frequency conversion pump and high speed on-off valves, which can carry out the work task at high speed and raise the work efficiency. The facility is suitable for the field of scientific research, product evaluation, industrial production and other fields of fluid measurement.

  • Schematic diagram of structure

Put the water meters (or flow-meters) on to the testing pipeline, open the cyclical pipeline that is corresponding, regulate the frequency of pumping power, make the flow rate reach a define level and keep the flow rate & pressure to steady, then start a gravimetric testing and record the quality of collection tank and the display volume of water meters (or flow-meters), waiting for the volume that pass through the water pipeline reaches to preset target, then turn off the valve of water supply, stop the motor pumping, record the total time that water has passed & the increased value of collection tank, calculate the flow error between the value of collection tank and display value of water meter (or flow-meter), assess the error whether or not in the range that allowed with the standard document.

  • Technical Parameters

  1. Method of measurement: Dynamic gravimetric method
  2. Apparatus accuracy grade: 0.2 Class
  3. Flow rate repeatability error: ±0.1%
  4. Weighing error of collector tank: ±0.03%
  5. Repeatability error of weighing collector tank: ±0.2%
  6. Timer error: ±0.001%
  7. Imported uncertainty of turning on/off valves: ±0.02%
  8. Working pressure: (0.2~0.5)MPa
  9. Calibrating products: water-meter, tubular flow-meter
  10. Diameter range: DN15~DN40
  11. Flow rate testing range: 2L/h~15m3/h,8L/h~25m3/h
  12. Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: 1530

Relative humidity: 15%85%

        Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa106KPa

Install in indoors, use clean water

   13. Power conditions

Power voltage: 220V

Power frequency: 50HZ

Input power: 4KW, 8KW

Working air pressure of pneumatic actuator: 0.5MPa0.8MPa

   14. Implementing standards

JJG164-2000  Verification Regulation of Standard Facilities for Liquid Flowrate Chinese National Standards

JJG1113-2015  Verification Facility for Water Meters   Chinese National Standards

  • Main components of facility

  1. Structural body:Stainless frame, Stainless pipeline, Stainless tank, etc.

  2. Controllable mechanical components: pneumatic valves, manual regulation valves, pneumatic pipe expansion joint, etc.

  3. Quality or flow-rate etalons: electronic balance, electronic flow-meter

  4. Power system components: frequency conversion pump, buffer tank, Air compressor

  5. Electrical control units: IPC, Industry inverter, Contactor, PLC & Extension Module, Relay, etc. 

  6. Control management software: PLC program, Calibration business program, Database MIS


  • IPC Control System Diagram

  • Dimensions of DN15-25 Standard Flow-rate Facility



  • The Main Interface of IPC Automation Control System

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