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Automatic reading & recharging system

Automatic meter reading & recharging information system

Usage:For managing smart meter prepaid phones, wired remote meter reading, proprietary business information systems business outlets recharge automatically adapt wired and wireless meter reading mode. The design of step price and consumption quota has capabilities to support the use of prepaid management, to support for real-time price of water services.

The system also provides administrator with a wealth of data plan, as well as statistical analysis and decision support functions, in addition to the standard application interface data of the system policy allows fast access to third-party management systems.

  • Software management functions

  1. Water meter file information management: management of water meter communication address, head of household, installation position, meter using state, and maintenance logs etc.
  2. Price file management: management of all the historical price files, full support of the step water price and coexistence of multiple prices files.
  3. Water selling recharging management: by completing the SNFC adapter to complete the smart water meter prepaid operation, supporting step water price and adjusting the price with SNFC adapter on the preset time.
  4. Automatic meter reading management: through the remote configuration the parameters of data collection, manage the strategy of meter reading, and the meter data will automatically be sent to the central data host.
  5. Pipe-net district information management: according to real demand, combined with the pipe-net and the map of city, to plan the subregion of plumbing. It’s a necessary management strategy for the district metering & monitoring in the future.
  6. District metering & monitoring: take into consideration of the time-delay of water transmission in the pipe, analyze the data error between the head meter and the sub-meters and find the leakage and other exceptions. The system designed the functions for adjustment the meter property of group and regional, reconstruction the subordinate relations of the intra-regional water meters.
  7. Standard interface for the third party: an application interface for the third party metering system to take data, it provides a set of instructions and data exchange protocols that based on application layer for the third party.
  8. Assist statistical analysis decision: using a method of statistical analysis to find the correlation that hides in the meter reading and time, meter reading and diameters, meter reading and classifications, and so on, try to find some underlying rules to provide effective basis for making management decision.

  • Software interface




  • Smartphone reading&monitoring interfaces

  • Technical features
  1. Open Web 3-tier architecture, pure B/S technical design, supporting products online upgrade and maintenance.

  2. Support multiple meter reading management modes, namely, mobile phone offline meter reading, mobile phone online meter reading and real-time online meter reading by terminal acquisition.

  3. Support for third-party payment, and current accounts queries.

  4. Powerful data management function makes it convenient to get access to the third party information management system.

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