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Wireless data transfer unit

Wireless data transfer Terminal

Models: AMT DTU-43G/AMT DTU-2G

      Usage: A remote data transfer unit which is based on 3G/4G wireless mobile network, to provide the remote data transfer service for clients. This product adopts high-performance industrial 32-bit processor and wireless modules, equip with embedded real-time operating system, it can provide M-Bus and RS485 interfaces of downlink, also can be connected to a Terminal instrument directly.

  • Main management functions

  1. Automatic getting meter’s ID: automatically access to get new meter’s ID in the bus line, and maintain the meter’s archive file.
  2. Executing instructions: automatically get the freeze date amount, current amount and historical data of meters.
  3. Managing instructions: according to the requirements of master computer, adjusting the settings of instruction, reconstructing the instructions execution cycle.
  4. Adjusting price file: automatically adjust the executive price package while has received the instruction and data.
  5. Synchronizing meter’s archive file: Reporting the change information that meters have been added or deleted to the master computer by comparing the new archive file and the back one.
  6. Abnormal alarm: automatic alarm when power is in abnormal volatility or being shut off, or reading meter error, or device has been interfered or sabotaged.

  • Referred communication protocols

  • CJ/T 188-2004: Door transmission technical condition with metric appearance data

  • JG/T 162-2009: Remote transmission meter reading for public building

  • DL/t 645: Multi-function Watt-hour meter communication protocol

  • Q-GDW 376.1-2009: Power user electric energy data acquisition system communication protocol of master station communication with data acquire terminal

  • CJ/T 224-2012: Electronic remote-reading water meter

  • Features

  1. High performance industrial-grade wireless modules & 32-bit processor.

  2. Excellent EMC performance, able to withstand high-voltage spikes, high electromagnetism, and lightning surge.

  3. Equip with large-capacity high-quality memory chips, core data backup designed, to ensure reliability of data storing.

  4. Low power design, supports multiple levels of sleep and wake patterns, to minimize power consumption.

  5. Perfect anti-drop mechanism, to keep the data terminal online permanently.

  6. Self-diagnosis function and power-on reset function been designed in, to keep it running reliable.

  7. Permitting the domain name or IP address to access the data center, standard TCP/IP protocol stack be adopted, data can be transferred transparently.

  8. Overall waterproof design, wall-mounted structures, it is light weight, easy to hang up.

  • Technical specifications

  • Rated voltage: 180~230V;

  • Rated temperature:-20 c to ~50 c;

  • Relative humidity: 95%;

  • Energy consumption: 70~100mA@uplink, 300~400mA@ reading;

  • Time error: 100ms/day;

  • Storage capacity: 8MB;

  • Load capacity: 1024 (ultrasonic water meter);

  • Interface configuration: 4 M-BUS road RS485/4 road;

  • Overall dimension: 251X192X73 (mm)

  • Net weight: 1250g

  • Wireless access bandwidth

(In theory) Uplink 50Mbps 18Mbps 1.8Mbps 5.76Mbps 2.2Mbps 40Kbps
(In theory) Download 100Mbps 61Mbps 3.1Mbps 42Mbps 4.2Mbps 170Kbps








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